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Weekly Check-Ins… does this concept scare the crap out of you?

It’s not easy stepping on a scale and have this daunting number look back at you, right in the eye, giving you no choice but to own every decision leading up to this point.

The scarier part isn’t so much the number though, it’s the thought before that number hits you. It’s the realization that you are about to change, that you are finally ready to begin this journey.

This is where Megan’s story comes in. This is where her story will shift your mindset into truly believing you can do it also. That perhaps, just maybe, check-ins aren’t that scary at all. They may just be the foundation you need in order to get the results you desire.
Every week inside the Evolve Lifestyle, we complete check-ins. We strip down, get vulnerable and show up! This is where results show up, this is where you dive into what happened that week, this is accountability.

If you are needing someone to hold you accountable to your goals, if you are looking for a community of babes to cheer you on, if you are ready to reach your fitness goals – jump inside the EVOLVE LIFESTYLE FOR FREE and see what these check-ins are all about.

Now sit back, grab your tea, get cozy and be inspired.

Weekly check ins?

Sounds scary doesn’t it? And I was, at first.

I thought, but what if I have a bad week and the measurements reflect that? What if I didn’t make any progress? What if I fail? …. and then Lisa said it, “and what if you make progress? How will you know?”.  Fast forward 2.5 months and weekly check ins are mandatory. I actually get excited about them.

I’ve started to see my progress and my weaknesses. I’ve been able to understand what I’m doing is right when I see positive results. And when I see a negative result, we reflect back on my week and see where I could’ve made a better decision.

Check ins aren’t supposed to be negative, they’re supposed to be educating. Whether I have a positive week or negative, I’m proud of myself. It’s not always easy to hear the bad, but when you’ve lost pounds or inches, damn does it feel good!!

And the best part, it keeps you so motivated to want to keep pushing harder. So weekly check ins are an absolute must, and I’m so happy I was encouraged to do them.
It was that little push I needed to start holding myself accountable each week to my long term goals. I am currently down 17lbs since October and consistently see the number dropping, and inches melting off. My mindset has shifted. I get excited for my workouts, I get excited about getting check-ins, I get excited watching me reach my goals!

And I am not stopping!
– Megan R.  

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