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My Skin Care Regimen

I have never been the type of babe who took her time to wash her face at night, gently apply lotions and go to bed feeling like a skincare guru. It wasn’t my thing until… dun dun dun… I got pregnant with my third child and developed Malasma – a hyper pigmentation skin condition what would leave dark spots all over my forehead. (A huge shout out to my body for adding that to my list of things now to think about).

Since then, I have taken a more serious approach to how important your skin is and your care and attention to it. Which also meant – no more going to bed with your yesterday’s make-up on and waking up thinking my skin would love me.

Please note – I am no skincare expert and will never claim to be. I love my easy to use, minimal steps products and solely based my decisions on what I used as a convenience factor. If it isn’t easy, quick and makes my face look like a goddess – I’m out!

But before I share my magical list of products with you, I did want to address the seriousness of what is going on around us. The COVID-19 outbreak has and will continue to impact us greatly. Gyms are closing, daycare systems are shutting down – this are get hot and heated really fast. But I do not want to see your sanity from working out get stripped as well which is why I am offering an INSANE online sale starting TODAY!

All of our ONLINE SERVICES will be marked down 40%-50% until March 30th. This allows those of you who would like to continue working out, get it in with one of our trainers coaching you along the way, in the comforts and SAFETY of your home!

Virtual Training (click here to learn more): On sale now for $45/session!!! Fill out our online application form to receive more information about our Online Virtual Training. *restrictions apply, contact us for more details*.

Evolve Lifestyle Membership (click to learn more here): One sale now for only $22.50/month!!! Train inside our membership platform, alongside 50+ other babes reaching their goals. Gain access each month to new workouts which can be completed at home, tasty recipes and mindset modules to teach you to ditch the diet mentality and break down limiting beliefs. CLICK HERE to get started! Type in: EVOLVE50 at check out to receive discount

Lastly, we are hosting ONLINE BOOTCAMPS to keep you moving and endorphins flowing – $40/bi- weekly gets you 2 LIVE workouts each week. REGISTER HERE

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