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My Dream Home Came To Life

Alright babes,

This blog post is long overdue. I have been so excited to share with you all the details of our home and now I finally can! 

Let’s hop into my time machine and go back about 2.5 years ago. 

It’s late 2016 and Cesar and I FINALLY (it was a long, tiring, and painful process) received our permit to BUILD.  Excitement filled us both and we were itching to break ground so we could spend our first Christmas in our home. If it was only that easy. 

First, we had to go to the drawing board. Pinterest became our best friend, while we spent hours in bed pinning and chatting about what we wanted, crafting our dream home so perfectly that no flaws could set us back. It was as though we were setting a fitness goal.

We knew the end where we wanted to go, what we wanted it to look like, then we had to peal back the layers and steps to get us there. 

Months went by and finally we had our dream home on paper and we were ready to build. 

We stumbled upon Madison Avenue Home’s to help assist us in bringing our vision to life.

We broke ground, poured cement, built the frame, added in plumbing, electrical and the list goes on. Now for the fun part (so we thought) choosing our fixtures, colours, unique touches, cabinetry layout, faucets, door handles and OMGEEE the list continues on so long I felt like I was spinning in circles by the end. To our rescue, came Interior Designers – Designs By KS at We will be forever grateful for Katerina and Silvie’s patients with us, as they helped us complete our endless list to ensure the house was seamless and matched our taste.

FINALLY, a year and a half later we were able to MOVE IN on Christmas Day (insert happy dancing). This was the best present Santa could have ever left under our little Christmas Tree.  We opened the doors to our forever home and began filling it with memories that would last a lifetime. We completed our goal and holy hot dang did it ever feel good to check that goal off the list. 

Let’s hop back into the Time Machine and fast forward to TODAY! 

With help from our Interior Designer Carly Coupe (Contact info upon request) and multiple stores in the lower mainland, our house was filled entirely, exactly how we imagined it to be.

Here are some of my favourite rooms with information as to where some of the items were purchased.

This room is where all my tasty recipes go down. I pull out my inner Martha Stewart skills and create healthy, tasty, recipes for not only my family but for my Online Evolve babes who journey with me month after month crushing their fitness goals.

My favourite feature in the kitchen is the panel ready look. This look completed the kitchen and allowed the waterfall island to be the feature piece. As we move onto the dining area, all you moms out there are cringing at my white dining chairs from Muse & Murchant. Don’t worry momma’s I bought fabric insurance on them, so any red wine or spaghetti spills – it’s all covered!

The table was an investment piece from Restoration Hardware and not once have I regretted it. We went with a black stain and kept a textured finish. I truly felt it pulled the room together.

Secretly, I have always wanted a fiddle leaf tree but never got the courage to buy one as I felt I would kill it within a month of owning it. A huge shout out to the Plant Junkie for her knowledge and green thumb. She delivered this beauty and gave me all the details I needed in order to keep it alive and thriving!

Check out her instagram here:

Having a fireplace for me, was something I knew I wasn’t going to say no to. I always love the idea of sitting by the fireplace, watching snow falling, Christmas tree lights shining, all while I am lost in a good book. So this fireplace feature was a must!

The office is where I spend most of my days building content for the Evolve Lifestyle which is my online membership program. Programs, mindset development and tasty recipes all are crafted right here!


I fell in love with Anewall the moment I started following them on Instagram and knew I had to have their wallpaper in the nursery. A little history on my passion behind this nursery, when I had Madison I was a single mom and didn’t have the opportunity to create that Pinterest, Instagram worthy (not that instagram or Pinterest was a thing back then) nursery. Then when Maya was born, Madison and Maya shared a room, again leaving me with no opportunity to create the nursery of my dreams. So I knew, since Livia was my last, this was my only chance. And I am proud to say, it came out Pinterest perfect. The bedding is designed and made in beautiful Chilliwack, BC by Evergreen Baby #supportlocal. They use the softest organic and sustainable fabrics to ensure that their collections are made with the highest quality and longevity in mind. Their bedding and change table cover matched perfectly with Livia’s room and I feel in love with it as soon as I laid my hands out it. Mom’s and Momma’s-to-be GO CHECK THEM OUT!

Maya’s turned out to be everything a 6 year old could have wanted and more. Pretty in Pink was the theme and between Anewall Decor and the bedding to match, I will say I am pleased with the overall clean look.

Madison’s room wasn’t featured as we haven’t made it exactly how she would like. So stay tuned for my trendy teen’s bedroom reveal.

Lastly, the bathrooms! There was so much thought and design behind both these rooms. Each with a transitional/modern look while adding touches of warmth to give off that spa like feel.

Ask me how many times I have had the chance to use that tub. At least my littles get enjoyment using it as a swimming pool.

Ok babes, this is the end of the tour. I’m now heading off to the wine room to open a bottle and sip back a glass with zero guilt.

Catch all you beautiful babes later.

In Health,

Lisa xox  

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