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How I Lost 5lbs in 14 Days.

If you have been following my shenanigans on social media you probably already know I am doing the Online Evolve Lifestyle Program alongside a badass group of babes! I created the Evolve Lifestyle with the purpose of teaching women how to freaking love themselves again and LOVE working out… hear me out… you can actually LOVE working out. The best part, is not only do they end up cultivating a pretty friggen awesome lifestyle, they are seeing RESULTS!

(If you could see me right now as I type this, I am grinning ear to ear and doing a little happy dance in my office chair just thinking about how badass all those babes are)

Inside this epic group, I taught them how to push past boundaries and level up in their workouts. Not only have they learned how to SHOW UP weekly for themselves, but to also push past their boundaries and thresholds so their bodies are also SHOWING UP for them.

So how did I lose 5lbs in 14 days?

By making my workouts FUN! Unless you are enjoying what you are doing you will not keep that weight you lost off.

You hear it happen all the time – Suzie goes on an unsustainable diet. Loses 30lbs. Hates her life while dieting, hops off diet, and gains her weight back + more. #onrepeat

By adding FUN to your workouts, you will want to show up. You will get excited to crush that workout. And that’s exactly what I did with this ONE particular daunting workout known as the CRUNCH.

What is the Crunch and where is it located? The Crunch is a place you go to if you want to die a slow death, while sweating and swearing every word you were ever taught. It’s hard. It’s boring and it’s insanely unmotivating. But that stairway to Hell has become my best friend and aided in a whooping 5lbs push on the scale.

The crunch is located in Coquitlam (roughly 40minutes outside Vancouver, BC).

Please note: If you complete this workout 1x a week and you do not shift your lifestyle, do not expect the same results as I have posted. You still need to create a balance healthy lifestyle for this workout to pay off.

Are you ready for it? To hear how I made that stairway to hell FUN! Let’s do this.

Try to complete the following 1-2x a week for results, alongside your regular training routine:

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