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How I Kickstarted Myself Out Of My Funk

I don’t know about you but I have been feeling all the feels the past 60 days. I feel like my world has been thrown upside down as I attempt to navigate this whole new system of balance, family and direction.

Being thrown into home schooling, trying to balance running two businesses, all while fitting in my workouts and meal prep, I felt like I was failing at everything around me. I know I wasn’t the only babe feeling the pressures of the world the past few months. The world suddenly changed and all of us had to navigate this new norm and find ways to adapt. And if you were anything like me adapting felt harder than you thought it would be.

That’s when I knew I needed a solid KICKSTART!

I needed something each week to give me direction, challenge me and reset my mindset. I needed an end goal to keep me going but daily accountability to show up. I needed focused workouts that got me sweating but I could still complete at home and nutrition guidance to build my healthy habits week after week.

So I launched my 60 Day Kickstart and holy hot dang it sure is spicy!

This program has everything in it that I knew I needed to set a solid foundation with my health in just 60 days, plus so many more goodies.

This program is most popular amongst busy babes who struggle to find time to make it to the gym, have lost the ability to put themselves first and need a little kickstart motivation to get back into feeling and looking their best.

Sounds perfect doesn’t it! Then let’s get you inside and on your way to feeling your best in 60 days.

Each week, I guide you to with weekly challenges, mindset modules to tackle the tough stuff, nutrition challenges and of course, my all time favourite my spicy workouts!

Ready to KICKSTART your way back into feeling your best? SIGN UP HERE for the 60 Day KICKSTART program!

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