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El Poco Loco is born

With all that is going on in the world, I knew I couldn’t sit still while our beautiful summer days began to turn into fall. I am a traveling gypsy and my heart seeks adventure. So this summer, I had one thing on my mind… to travel far, get lost in the wilderness, eat as many s’mores as possible and create memories my family will always remember.

Which led me to my little project, I have been spending countless hours on the past few weeks. If you didn’t catch me sweat up a storm in the Body Zone studio, you found me stuck inside the walls of our newest addition to our family.

But first, a little back story…

I knew this summer we were going to tick off another checkmark on my “Live It List”. What I didn’t know was that my normal route of travel was going to look vastly different this year… no glamorous hotels or sipping sangria poolside… this year we were going to RV across the wilderness.

Which leads me to my “Trailer Renovation Project.”

It was almost too seamless and perfect how the trailer fell into our laps. We conducted our search, had our “must have list”, and didn’t settle until it fit our needs as a family. I wanted something roomy enough so each girl had their own bed, a bathroom because well.. potty training a 2 year old isn’t fun running to find a toilet at 2am in the morning and a kitchen.

And so… The Poco Loco was born (The little crazies).

I pinterested like it was my second job and my vision eventually came together.

And here my dear friends, is where you will find my Poco Loco family of 5 this summer. Stay tuned as we travel across B.C. into the great unknown #exploring from sun up to sun down.

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