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Gift Guide For Her

Tis the season of trying to get creative with what that special someone in your life will just love, all wrapped up under that brightly lit Christmas tree. Gift giving stresses me out! Can anyone else relate to me? I am not that thoughtful, oh this. is perfect for them, type of person. So when this season rolls around, all I can think of is how my amazingly thoughtful friends will outdo me yet again! But not this year! This year I wanted to create the ultimate Gift Guide For Her. One I know any babe would love to receive...

My Dream Home Came To Life

Alright babes, This blog post is long overdue. I have been so excited to share with you all the details of our home and now I finally can!  Let’s hop into my time machine and go back about 2.5 years ago.  It’s late 2016 and Cesar and I FINALLY (it was a long, tiring, and painful process) received our permit to BUILD.  Excitement filled us both and we were itching to break ground so we could spend our first Christmas in our home. If it was only that easy.  First, we had to go to the drawing board. Pinterest became our best friend, while we...