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Body Zone Studio Makeover

It’s here! It’s finally here! It’s my favourite of all blogging days! It’s GYM REVEAL DAY!

Read to the bottom for some exciting NEWS.

I don’t know about you but I am currently doing the happy dance in my office just writing this blog and all the goodies it’s about to unload on you babes.

If you have been following along the past week then you know exactly what’s been going on. However, if you are just tuning in, I will cut you a break and let you in on the goods. A few months ago, I decided the Body Zone boutique studio needed a facelift. So Pinterest and I become best friends night after night, dream boarding what I envisioned Body Zone should represent aesthetically. I had a vision in mind where I wanted a warm, energized space, representing my modern taste, yet keeping it as simple and open as possible. And the time finally came where my vision came to life!

If you recall, the Body Zone studio was dark, cluttered and didn’t leave room for inspiration for my clients or myself. It was bland and I felt it had zero life let to give, nor was I enjoying spending my time in there anymore.

I love transformations. I love seeing people and spaces evolve into what they should be and what will serve them best. So naturally this facelift left my heart full and childish giddies come out once the finish product was displayed.


Changing the floors immediately brightened up the space. I knew I made the right decision as soon as I saw them get installed. Slapping a splash of paint on the walls, gave the space bright fresh vibes, awaiting its next victim. I decluttered and did some space planning keeping it open and inviting. I brought in plants to bring life. Ikea saved me for organizing and Lululemon dropped some sexy black mats to keep things sleek.

There are still a few more touches to come and things I need to add but DANG I am so thrilled and beyond excited to share this space with you.

Check out the AFTER:

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