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How I Lost 5lbs in 14 Days.

If you have been following my shenanigans on social media you probably already know I am doing the Online Evolve Lifestyle Program alongside a badass group of babes! I created the Evolve Lifestyle with the purpose of teaching women how to freaking love themselves again and LOVE working out… hear me out… you can actually LOVE working out. The best part, is not only do they end up cultivating a pretty friggen awesome lifestyle, they are seeing RESULTS! (If you could see me right now as I type this, I am grinning ear to ear and doing a little happy...

Body Zone Studio Makeover

It’s here! It’s finally here! It’s my favourite of all blogging days! It’s GYM REVEAL DAY! Read to the bottom for some exciting NEWS. I don’t know about you but I am currently doing the happy dance in my office just writing this blog and all the goodies it’s about to unload on you babes. If you have been following along the past week then you know exactly what’s been going on. However, if you are just tuning in, I will cut you a break and let you in on the goods. A few months ago, I decided the Body Zone...