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All I Want For Christmas…

Tis the season of trying to get creative for that special someone in your life and buy them that “thing” they will just love. Then wrap it perfectly and place it under that brightly lit Christmas tree.

Gift giving stresses me out! Can anyone else relate to me? I am not that thoughtful, oh this. is perfect for them, type of person. So when this season rolls around, all I can think of is how my amazingly thoughtful friends will outdo me yet again! 

But not this year! Not only will that special someone just LOVE getting these gifts, so will you! So pull out that credit card, grab your spiked hot chocolate and let’s get shopping for them and of course for you… because babe, we all know you deserve a little something special wrapped under that tree as well.

1. Loop Bands: For any fitness babe looking to level up her booty building gains in the gym, this inexpensive and easy to carry around accessory is a must have. I have tried multiple brand but this one is my top pick and the best part… it’s on Amazon.

2. MonHnny Set: A new workout outfit changes the way you level up your workout. I recently stumbled across this brand and instantly fell in love. Amazing fit, great quality and doesn’t break the bank… all well feeling damn sexy in them! These boss babes are local and all products are manufactured in Vancouver #supportlocal
P.S. Looking for that booty to pop – this set will elevate your booty game.
Use Code: LisaPineda-C1031 at checkout for a discount!

3.  The Yeti Water Bottle or Coffee Tumbler: There is nothing worse than cold coffee in your mug or warm water while you are sweating it out. The Yeti has been a game changer for me. If you follow me, you will know I always have a coffee in my hand #coffeeaddict. No shame there. Also, if you follow me, you will know that I preach about staying hydrated throughout your day and the benefits of keeping a water bottle on hand ALWAYS. This will remind and encourage you to drink up throughout your day. The Yeti is the ultimate gift for the water drinking or coffee loving babe. It may seem like an investment piece but it’s one worth investing into.

4.  Handmade Toque by JJac Knits: Jjac Knits always saves the day when it comes to keeping me and my family warm during the winter season. Her custom design toque are quality, warm and comfy. This year I bought another family set and couldn’t be more excited for my family to receive it. I made each toque custom to show their personalities and ensure they love them. Get your order in fast to arrive for Christmas morning.

5. Photos by Robyn Strong Photography: A picture is worth a 1000 words they say. What better way to capture the moment than having Robyn Strong catch them for you. Buy that special someone time behind the camera and make memories you will never forget. Whether it be a fun bestie shoot or a family get together, Robyn will capture that one image that makes you look back on years later and smile.

6. A Sweaty Time: Call me bias, but I love a good sweat! Whether it’s in a group setting or one on one, there is nothing better than leaving a workout feeling satisfied and closer to your goals. If you love that special someone in your life, there is no better gift than the gift of health. Grab them a Personal Training Package at our Boutique Studio or sign them up for our online membership Evolve Lifestyle program. You can never go wrong with giving a gift that keeps on giving.

Don’t worry, if you buy all the items I listed above for yourself, I won’t tell anyone. Happy Shopping babes.

Merry Christmas!

In Health,

Lisa Pineda xo

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