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January 2020

When The Days Seem Dark, It’s Time To Bring On The “Sunny Abs” Workout

I don't know about you but long, dark, rainy days make we want to venture south for sunny weather and warm sea water. But that isn't always in our near future plans so instead I am bringing the sun to you with my Sunny Abs workout. This workout had me holding off from laughing for days because my abs were so sore. This spicy number is found inside the Evolve Lifestyle and you lucky babes get a sneak peek to all its sunny goodness. Follow along and tag me in your post workout #swelfie so I can see how...

Weekly Check-Ins… does this concept scare the crap out of you?

It's not easy stepping on a scale and have this daunting number look back at you, right in the eye, giving you no choice but to own every decision leading up to this point. The scarier part isn't so much the number though, it's the thought before that number hits you. It's the realization that you are about to change, that you are finally ready to begin this journey. This is where Megan's story comes in. This is where her story will shift your mindset into truly believing you can do it also. That perhaps, just maybe, check-ins aren't that...

Every Man’s (or Woman’s) Dream Transformation

You know that moment, where you want to hide in your garage with a bottle of wine and pray your children don’t find you? But then you think about how the mess in your garage gives you more anxiety than your kids yelling “MOM” one more time!  Well, what if, your garage transformed into a perfectly crafted placed of solitude where your OCD can settle down, you can relax in peace with a sense knowing everything fits perfectly in place. Wouldn’t that be a perfect world? What if I told you such a place exists? Would you believe me? IT DOES! A huge...