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December 2019

The Tastiest Breakfast Hash Ever

Hands down, no debate needed, I think breakfast has to be the best meal in the history of meals. There is something about starting off my day with a full meal packed with vegetables, protein and heavenly goodness that just puts a pep in my step. I think that's one of my favourite parts of the Evolve Membership - we don't eat boring, tasteless foods. We learn that food is fuel, restriction isn't the answer and how to add flavour without adding 10000 extra calories to the mix. This recipe I created just for the babes inside the Evolve...

Gift Guide For Her

Tis the season of trying to get creative with what that special someone in your life will just love, all wrapped up under that brightly lit Christmas tree. Gift giving stresses me out! Can anyone else relate to me? I am not that thoughtful, oh this. is perfect for them, type of person. So when this season rolls around, all I can think of is how my amazingly thoughtful friends will outdo me yet again! But not this year! This year I wanted to create the ultimate Gift Guide For Her. One I know any babe would love to receive...